La Fourchette des Gourmandes
Exclusive programme of MEDIPO AGRAS H.B. spol. s r.o. group.

La Fourchette des Gourmandes products - high-quality, washed, fresh Czech potatoes for special food preparation – have been prepared by professionals of MEDIPO AGRAS H.B. s r.o. who have long-term experience and who are able to judge potato varieties according to their cultivation and eating characteristics.

La Fourchette des Gourmandes products are produced by a Czech company MEDIPO AGRAS H.B., spol. s r.o., based in Havlíčkův Brod, which has been established in the marketplace of potatoes for several years.

The producer’s programme is aimed at the post-harvest and packaging of potatoes and onions for retail chains, supermarkets and wholesalers.

La Fourchette des Gourmandes products are distributed in 12.5 kg cardboards directly to hotels and restaurants, and in 1-3 kg “Carry Fresh” net bags to retail outlets.